5 Reasons Providing Employee Feedback Is So Important

Suited man talking to a young woman across a desk

Just how important is it for you to give your employees feedback? Well, let’s put it this way – it couldn’t be more important! Research has shown that employees are much more engaged in their work when they feel that their managers and supervisors appreciate their efforts. Feedback, of course, isn’t just about telling employees what they’re doing wrong. It’s also very much about praising jobs well done.

To provide your employees with adequate feedback, it’s important to be attentive to their strengths and weaknesses. Monitoring calls becomes a huge part of an office manager’s job, as it helps to pinpoint both strong points and areas of concern. Commending employees for their excellent work is every bit as important as assisting employees with the areas of their jobs that require improvement.

Here are five reasons providing employee feedback is so important:

1. Many employees don’t feel appreciated at work. According to Jeff Fermin of OfficeVibe.com, 39% of employees feel this way. That means that they are a lot more likely to not care about their overall work performance. Furthermore, your business is susceptible to a much higher turnover rate if its team members feel as if their contributions don’t matter. Be sure to offer your employees the kind of feedback that expresses your appreciation.

2. You will inspire higher rates of productivity in the office. Workers are a whopping 30 times more likely to be actively engaged at work when managers focus on their employees’ strengths, says Fermin. There’s nothing like some good old encouragement to motivate your team to improve upon the work they’ve done. And, arguably, there’s no better way to encourage your team than to highlight how excellent they’ve performed for you in the past.

3. Your employees want feedback. Don’t assume that your team members don’t want to hear from you. When you manage an office that incorporates a team setting, you can get stuck in the mind frame that it’s best to “leave well alone”. But it isn’t. Fermin reports that 65% of employees want more feedback than the amount that they’re currently getting. To keep your team members on track, offer regular sit-down sessions to let them know how they’re doing.

4. The majority of employees will slack off when they get no feedback. Offering no feedback is the equivalent of saying you don’t care. If your employees never hear from you – whether it’s for positive or negative feedback – why should they assume that anything they do is of any consequence? An overwhelming 98% of employees fail to be engaged when managers give little to no feedback, reveals Fermin.

5. Employees work harder when you appreciate them. It’s that simple. Show your team members that their efforts matter and they will give you more effort. Fermin reports that 69% of employees say that they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. The importance of giving employee feedback cannot be understated. Evidently, the more you give, the better your business will function!

At SIClytics, we offer Live Call Monitoring services that allow call centre mangers to instantly listen in, whisper feedback to their phone agents or even “barge” into the live calls as they’re happening. We also offer a Live Call Feeds service that allows you to visually monitor call activity as calls are happening. Both are excellent tools for providing your employees with adequate feedback.

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