5 Benefits Of Offering A Money Back Guarantee

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At SIClytics, we offer our customers as 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply put, if you’re not completely satisfied with our services, you have the option of cancelling them within 30 days at no cost to you. It’s our way of saying “we’re willing to do what it takes to earn your trust”. The way we see it, we’re so confident in the services we offer, we aren’t afraid to give you an opportunity to try them out for free. Money back guarantees, however, do a whole lot more than just offer free trials.

Here are five benefits of offering a money back guarantee:

1. It provides excellent gauges for the quality of your services. Just how great are your services, anyway? Even if you’re already quite confident that what you offer is of top-tier quality (as we are), your money back guarantee will help you to determine just how much the general public agrees with you. The more times you are required to offer the money back guarantee to your customers, the easier it will be to determine that you need to improve your services.

2. It helps to secure customer loyalty. Gaining a customers’ trust is one thing. Securing his/her loyalty is another. When you offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to a customer, you open the window for a future conversation. It’s wise to take the opportunity to contact the customer after the 30 day period is up. At this point, you will have confirmed that he/she is satisfied with your service, making it more likely that he/she will be interested in your other offerings.

3. It helps to boost sales. As made clear by our last point, a customer who doesn’t take advantage of your money back guarantee can be considered a satisfied one, at the very least. By maintaining your commitment to customer satisfaction, you lend your brand to attracting more customers. Word spreads quickly when people discover companies that they can rely on. Your guarantee is one that is bound to draw attention.

4. It encourages customers to try new things. At SIClytics, we’re well aware that our incredible call tracking technology may be new to most of our prospective clients. As a result, we know that it may take some time and experience with our services for our customers to see just how valuable they are. By offering our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, we lift the strain that may come with the idea that money is being “wasted” on unproven technology.

5. It grows your company’s respectable reputation. At the end of the day, your money back guarantee is your promise. And keeping a promise is a trait of a trustworthy individual or company. There are bound to be cases when customers take you up on your guarantee. Following through and rightfully refunding a customer’s money is a huge declaration of your honest and dependable nature. This will serve your brand well in the long run.

At SIClytics, we offer a number of solutions that simply help to make your business better. Our Call Tracking services are designed to measure the incoming and outgoing calls that are made using your telecom account with approved SIP vendors. As a result, they help you to clearly determine the returns on investment you’re getting from your various advertising strategies. We proudly bring fortune 500 features and functions to businesses of all sizes.

Naturally, we encourage you to give them a try! As you know, there is no cost for you to try them out for 30 days. We stick by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We imagine, however, that you may have a number of questions about how SIClytics’ services can specifically help your business. And we’d be only too happy to answer them. So give us a call today! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-374-6003.

The Importance Of Call Tracking For Your Business

Depositphotos_26499863_m-2015Advertising is important. But knowing exactly which advertising avenues are the most effective is what is most important to any business. How do you know without trying different methods? Is it more advantageous to invest in online marketing campaigns or run a (likely to be very costly) commercial on television? Is it wise to throw up a huge billboard in your city or print boxes of flyers to hand out to members of your community?

Needless to say, there are countless ways to promote your brand but some are simply going to work better than others. This is where call tracking comes in. It has practically become an integral element in today’s business world and is arguably the best way for business owners to get good senses of the returns on their investments. When phone calls come into your business, it truly pays to know what prompted the calls in the first place.

So how does call tracking work exactly? To put it plainly, call tracking records the number of phone calls that come into your business and determines where they come from. It helps to establish which of your ad campaigns are leading to the most phone calls and the percentages of your advertising dollars that are resulting in those calls. Call tracking is the answer to the question “What return on investment am I getting from my marketing efforts?”

Why is call tracking so vital in today’s business world? Call tracking is an excellent marketing tool because it helps to pinpoint what marketing strategies are actually working for you and which ones are not. That way, you’ll end up spending your marketing budgets a lot more wisely. And your marketing efforts will be a lot more effective as well. With the statistics given to you by your call tracking efforts, you will significantly increase your ROI.

Consider how much more of a winning strategy you can develop if you know that your mail outs are resulting in 40% more call backs than that billboard you invested in. In all likelihood, you’ll be compelled to transfer the advertising dollars you were spending on the billboard to more mail outs. With the statistics you’ve discovered via call tracking, you will enjoy a higher success rate with your advertising efforts.

Obviously, the alternative is a lot worse. Without call tracking, you’re left guessing. You’re susceptible to thinking “Well, maybe all of those calls coming in are because of that billboard we put up”. If you follow this line of thinking, you’re liable to continue spending money on keeping up with an advertising strategy that is not producing the results you think it is. This is not to say that billboards don’t work, by the way. It’s simply to highlight the fact that call tracking is what will help you to know for sure!

How can SIClytics help you? Our call tracking efforts are designed to measure the incoming and outgoing calls that are made using your telecom account with approved SIP vendors. As part of our services, we offer Call Reports & Analytics which include in-depth graphs, charting and reports of your incoming calls. We also offer Telemarketing Reporting which reports on the results of your telemarketing team.

For more information on how SIClytics can track your calls and offer you a greater return on investment for your marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-374-6003. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, you have the option of cancelling them within 30 days to take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee! Give us a call today. We look forward to helping you get the most out of the calls that come your way.

Tracking Calls With SIClytics Gives You More Bang For Your Buck!


There are businesses all over North America that use the telephone to conduct their day-to-day operations. Of course, you could argue that all businesses use telephones, but there are many that specifically utilize this ever-necessary technology to build their brands. Both small businesses and large corporations that operate call centre facilities are especially aware of the power of the telephone and just how much business it can generate.

It’s important to be able to determine exactly what type of return on investment your company receives from its advertising campaigns. And with the help of SIClytics, you’ll be given the opportunity to pinpoint the reasons for your success. So, it is with great pleasure that we launch our new company, its website and this very blog! We trust that, in tandem, they will all provide you with a great new perspective of your company’s future.

What does SIClytics do exactly? SIClytics is designed to measure the incoming and outgoing calls that are made using your telecom account with approved SIP vendors. We have developed a robust system that focuses on analyzing conversion, compliance and functionality. The goal of SIClytics is to bring fortune 500 features and functions to small to medium sized businesses. In short, our call tracking services help to adequately measure your return on investment!

But what makes SIClytics the best in the business? We provide a wide array of services that track and record all of your inbound calls to discover which of your ad campaigns are generating the most leads. Our services help you to determine which ads generate the most quality leads and which ones don’t. This can do a lot to save you money as it will give you the leverage to renegotiate rates with advertisers if their efforts are under-producing.

How do our services help you to make the most of the leads that you get? Our Live Call Monitoring services allow call centre managers to instantly listen in to calls as they are happening. It allows them to whisper helpful information to their phone agents – coaching them while they are on their calls without the callers hearing. This improves overall performance in the call centre. This feature also provides managers with the option of jumping on calls to handle customer complaints.

We also offer Lead DaFeeder services which create, assign and distribute lead campaigns to your team. That way, there is no time wasted on having your phone agents manually dial phone numbers. This awesome cloud-based system automatically loads leads that are dialed with the simple click of a button. The technology allows for accurate note keeping and account maintenance to enhance the customer service experience on future calls.

What is SIClytics’ specialty? Arguably, we are best known for our Call Reports & Analytics. We offer in-depth graphs, charts and reports of your incoming calls. This helps you to measure how many phone calls you’re receiving based on your online and offline marketing campaigns. Not to mention, our Missed Call Notifications ensure that you never again miss out on an opportunity to follow up on a missed call.

Working with SIClytics means that you’ll be making the most of your advertising dollars and maximizing your potential to turn your inbound calls into happy customers. And we’ve made signing up with our company a risk-free experience. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, you can cancel within 30 days thanks to our 30 Day Money-back Guarantee! What have you got to lose?

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-374-6003.

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